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If you're searching for Free Network Marketing leads you're going to be so happy you stumbled across this article because you're about to learn the easiest, fastest, most effective way to generate free mlm leads for your network marketing business.

Have you ever heard of MySpace? Of course you have right? Unless you've been hiding under a rock but what you probably don't know about it is that it is the #1 site on the entire internet to generate highly qualified, laser targeted, and best of all free network marketing leads!

If you think it is just for teenage kids with goofy hair think again, the average new user on the website is over 35 years old and a vast majority of them are looking to join your network marketing opportunity.

MySpace Fact #1

The site is now ranked #6 according to as far as traffic is concerned, that's #6 on the entire internet, in the entire universe! It now has over 211,000,000 users and climbing at a rapid rate, would you like to learn how you can generate some free leads for your network marketing business?

Of course you do right? Well before I tell you I want to share with you in fact #2 why it is the #1 site online to generate free network marketing leads.

MySpace Fact #2

You're in network marketing right? It is a social networking site right? Well if you don't already know this network marketing is not about your product or our opportunity, network marketing is about YOU!

Are you ready for the secret to generating free mlm leads on MySpace?

If you don't already have a account, go to and register for one right now for free. Put some pictures of yourself up and write a story about yourself. Right what got you into network marketing in the first place, whether it was the fact that you hated your job, loved the product, or you were kicked and dragged to an opportunity meeting.

Whatever the reason, make your story compelling and you'll be absolutely amazed at the amount of friends you'll make, prospects you'll attract, and money you make!

On top of that you're going to help a ton of people because that's what you're in the business for in the first place?

In closing, do your research you'll soon find there is an exact science to generating free network marketing leads on MySpace that can grow your business by leaps and bounds. Trust me, I'm living proof!